About My Style:

What I love most about looking at photos is that they allow you to relive a moment in time over and over again. They rekindle amazing memories ... and the older the photo, the more meaningful the memory.

 I can definitely shoot different styles ... classic, candid, formal, ninja, etc ... and based on your preferences and inspiration, I will customize the technique used. But how am I different from other photographers?

For 10 years, I was a very successful hotel manager. And if you've stayed at nice hotels then you know that we "managers" aim to wow our guests ... give them goosebumps! I am accessible, smart, accommodating, flexible, and thoughtful. I understand how to work with all personalities and keep my promises. And today, I have found great success marrying hospitality with photography. Surprisingly, not many photographers understand that customer service outweighs technical skills. Don't get me wrong, my portfolio is evidence of my strong skill set--a requirement of course. What you're getting from me is a commitment driven by care and sincerity to capture some of the happiest life moments to cherish forever.

On a personal note ...

When I am not behind the lens, I spend as much of my time as possible with my wife and two sons. Love them! We enjoy the outdoors and do our best to experience all that Chicago and the Midwest have to offer.

In case you're curious, Vicki and I have lived in Chicago since 2004 after moving from New Orleans. I received my Bachelor of Music from Loyola University New Orleans; and then my MBA from Loyola University Chicago. Today I work as a commercial real estate broker in downtown Chicago that also keeps me busy. What I love about my job and being a photographer is getting to meet new and interesting people often.

Thanks for taking the time to view my work. Let's meet soon. I can't wait! -Allan

(Adjacent Photo: That's me with Vicki, Thomas and Daniel at Rombauer Vineyard in Napa Valley last summer ... amazing zinfandel wines, if you're into that.)

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